Babymetal Invade Sonisphere!

First ever UK show for Japanese internet viral sensation, Babymetal… 

The latest musical phenomenon to go viral is Japan’s Babymetal, and Team Sonisphere snapped them up to join this year’s line-up. Since uploading latest single ‘Gimme Chocolate!!’ less than two months ago, anyone with even a passing interest in music will be aware of the teenage trio’s blend of Icon Pop and Heavy Metal.


Generating more than five million views, seemingly out of nowhere, the music press was forced to stand up and take notice, with premier rock publications like Kerrang! and Metal Hammer featuring the band, alongside mainstream outlets such as The Guardian and USA Today.

Japanese Innovation
Innovators will always divide opinion, and announcing that Babymetal’s debut performance in the UK will be on a bill that also boasts Iron Maiden, Metallica, Alice In Chains and Mastodon will no doubt cause some anguished cries from the metal purists, but one thing is certain – anyone lucky enough to squeeze into the Bohemia tent on Sonisphere’s Sunday will be rewarded with a show the likes of which the UK has never seen before.

Looking and sounding like they’ve just stepped out of a manga comic with their short skirts, schoolgirl charm and high-pitched voices, 16-year-old Su-metal and 14-year-olds Moametal and Yuimetal will sing, dance, scream and headbang their way into metal history at their first ever UK performance at Knebworth.


Taking the best elements of a huge pop show and setting it against a classic metal backdrop, a Babymetal show is a unique proposition, with a production and visual element that compliments the bizarre musical coupling.

Show Stoppers
With choreographed dance moves, an epic light show, a huge production with multiple screens and majestic stage sets, the trio perform like the pop megastars they are, and incredibly manage to not look out of place against the heavy metal backdrop. Skeleton suited metal musicians provide the backing, not afraid to blast out machine gun drumming and wailing guitar solos when the situation calls for it, hiding behind a whirlwind of headbanging, windmilling hair. You will dance, you will headbang, you might even find yourself singing along in Japanese – and you will definitely remember the first time you saw Babymetal.

Sonisphere festival will also include parties, assorted revelry, devil horns, random signs, group camps, tournaments, repetitive word yelling, marriage proposals, toilet debates, shed loads of black t-shirts, wrestlers and owls… but you already knew that!

Also on the bill… 

Emerging out of the UK’s early 90s rave scene, The Prodigy created a seismic shift in contemporary music by welding together industrial beats, punk-rock attitudes, aggressive vocals and searing guitars with their own unique take on dance culture. Bringing rock, metal and rave fans together for the first time and becoming one of the most vital live acts in the world as a result, their Friday night headline set at Knebworth will get the first night party off with a suitable bang.

Prodigy group shot black and white

French progressive-metallers Gojira will also play their sole UK festival of 2014 at Sonisphere. Having toured with the likes of Trivium, Lamb Of God, Machine Head and Metallica over the years, Gojira are a formidable live act, combining brutal death metal with enormous technical skills to create their unique sound. Simply stunning.

Gojira group shot forest

One of the biggest selling rock acts of all time, Metallica are arguably the most influential and successful rock band in history. Next summer’s performance by Metallica will, for the first time, see the band delivering a ‘Metallica By Request’ interactive set list spanning the band’s entire career, as chosen by ticket holders.

Metallica black packing case

Prog, math, electronic, experimental, instrumental – 65daysofstatic have been called all these things, with their extremely impressive musicianship and incredible ability to reproduce near-perfect renditions of their studio output. We suggest you let the music do the talking and let them drop your jaws during their set in Bohemia on Friday. 

65daysofstatic group shot

UK metal powerhouse The Defiled have established a reputation as one of the most exhilarating live bands, picking up a Metal Hammer Golden God Award for Best New Band and selling out their recent UK tour. This is a band primed and ready to dominate the metal world and the main stage of the Sonisphere Festival gives them the opportunity to bring the big, pyro-filled show they’ve always promised.

The Defiled group shot black and white

Sonisphere runs from 4-6 July 2014 at Knebworth Park and more than 100 bands appear over the weekend. For more info, tickets and everything else, head to

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