Coppelion Anime Preview Released

The official website for the anime adaptation of Tomonori Inoue’s post-nuclear meltdown sci-fi action manga Coppelion has released a preview of the series. The musical duo Angela feature in the preview, and will perform the series’ opening and ending theme songs. The anime will premiere this autumn on the BS-11 Japanese channel.

The anime was announced back in 2010, but production was put on hold after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. The main cast includes Haruka Tomatsu (Sword Art Online) as Ibara Naruse, Kana Hanazawa (Haganai) as Aoi Fukasaku and Satomi Akesaka (gdgd Fairies) as Taeko Nomura.

The series is set in 2036, 20 years after a nuclear meltdown devastated Tokyo and turned it into a ghost town. The city may not be as dead as expected, though, when a distress signal is received from the area. Three highschool girls are sent into the city to locate the survivors. These highschool girls were genetically engineered to withstand radiation from birth, and they are part of a special forces unit, codenamed “Coppelion”, in the 3rd Division of Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force. 


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