Dokidoki! Precure Anime TV Adverts Released

Two TV commercials for the new anime series Dokidoki! Precure have been released. The 10th instalment in the Precure anime series, Dokidoki! Precure will be released in Japan on 3 February, replacing the Smile Precure! series.

The videos highlight the new magical girl team: Mana Aida/Cure Heart (red), Rikka Hishikawa/Cure Diamond (blue), Arisu Yotsuba/Cure Rosetta (Orange), and Cure Sword (purple).

DokiDoki! Precure is a magical girl series about Mana Aida, who enjoys helping others. At her school orientation she comes across the Selfish, who try to manipulate her heart. A fairy from the Trump Kingdom named Charles gives Mana the power to transform into a legendary Pretty Cure warrior, Cure Heart. Along with other Pretty Cures, Mana fights the Selfish to protect people’s hearts.

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