Gojira (eventually) Stomp Sonisphere

After a short hold up, French rock band Gojira kick off the final day at Sonisphere 2014… 

Given that the iconic Kaiju with the same name was our cover star on Issue 26, we couldn’t miss seeing a band called Gojira. However, those expecting the French rockers to stomp Sonisphere like their namesake Godzilla had to wait for the first monster-sized footprints to appear.

Gojira Sonisphere 2014 stage banner

They finally kicked off the opening Sunday slot very late, suddenly making us regret our 2am dancing at the Silent Disco as we waited on unsteady feet.

When they did finally appear half an hour later, Gojira’s mix of thrashing guitars, quick fire drums and raw-throat lyrics (non more shouty than The Heaviest Matter In The Universe) left a suitably metal impression. 

Gojira Sonisphere 2014 big screen

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