Hemlock Grove At Wondercon

Hemlock GroveHemlock Grove the upcoming NETFLIX original series was out in full force Friday at LA’s Wondercon. Panellist included stars Dougray Scott, Famke Janssen, Bill Skarsgard, London Liboiron, Penelope Mitchell, Freya Tingley and fan favours from BSG Aaron Douglas and Kandyse McClure.

Producer’s writers and directors included Eli Roth, Brian McGreevy Darren, Mark Verheiden & Lee Shipman.

The series based on a novel by producer Brian McGreevy is a murder mystery the revolves around the residents of a former Pennsylvania steel town. When 17 year old Brooke Bluebell is brutally murdered, any of Hemlock’s peculiar inhabitants – or killer creatures – could be suspects. During the series the investigation into Brooke’s murder exposes the town’s seamier side, nothing is what it seems. 

What is different about Hemlock Grove which will air exclusively on Netflix April 19th is that the complete 13 episodes will be available in one; writer Brian McGreevy described it as shooting a 13 hour movie rather than a series.

The producers say that the series is unlike anything else currently in the genre but Eli Roth paid homage to David Lynch and Twin Peaks as an inspiration. When it came to Werewolf’s Roth said they wanted the transformation to be unlike anything ever seen, he and producer Deran Sarafian described it as almost a birth seen, painful and orgasmic at the same time.

Aaron Douglas said he read the book before being cast in the series and that being on the ground floor of how he believed that TV is now going to be built and consumed going forward is very exciting, NETFLIX have figured it out people want to have it all available all at once.

Hemlock GroveFamke Janssen, and Dougray Scott who play the town’s wealthy hierarchy said that the series was so well written that they finding the characters of Dr Norman & Oliva Godfrey were very easy; Dougray felt that Famke had the character right from the first reading. Dougray and Famke both agreed that their characters are very much in love.

Landon Liboiron who portrays Peter Rumancek of Gypsy descend, said that the story is not only mysteries but also dark and twisted he found reading the book a page turner, he went on to describe the ending of each episode as leaving you with the feeling you have been punched in the face or maybe a light tap. Co-star Freya Tingley said that the series will leave a lot of strings at the end allowing for a second series. Asked about the werewolf transformation scene Landon said he was terrified to see it and he did not know what it would look like but that he was very happy had how different it was.. The key thing they both found was that the series allowed them to explore the characters more that in the book. Freya felt that the series expanded on the book and that nothing was lost from the book only gained.

Hemlock Grove will premiere on Netflix April 19

Hemlock Grove at Wondercon

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