“Kotoura-san” Manga Gets Anime Series

Enogizu has announced that a TV anime adaptation of his four-panel manga has been green-lit. Kotoura-san is a romantic comedy series about Haruka Kotoura, who can read minds. She is troubled by her abilities and when she transfers to a new school, she tries to keep away from the other students. However, one of her classmates, Manabe Yoshihisa, appreciates and admires her ability and Haruka joins the school’s ESP club.

Masahiko Ohta (Minami-keYuruyuri) will be directing the series at AIC Classic’s studio. Takashi Aoshima is scripting the series and Takaharu Okuma is the character designer and chief director of animation.

Kotoura-san is an online manga series featured on Micro Magazine’s website; the third volume will be released next month.

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