Look out for MyM#6, and get the chance to win a Wii U!

Out in the shops on the 4th of October

You can’t miss MyM issue number 6 on sale on the 4th of October! Ooh have we got a scary one for you this time, with the forthcoming ZombiU featured, set to be the most unique and unusual launch title for Nintendo’s new console. Senior scriptwriter Gabrielle Shrager gave us many more words in an interview about the London-based zombie apocalypse sim. Meanwhile our games editor got to try the game and
make sure that it pushed all the right buttons – he tried to and we think he succeeded!

Rosario + Vampire has a prime slot with its season two pending release, as has Blue Exorcist also featured with its own part two on the way… Looks like there’ll be a couple more DVDs in your collection
to celebrate Halloween 2012! Not to mention awesome coverage of the
anticipated Resident Evil 6 – highly likely to spook up your console
while your DVD player recovers.

And just because it’s Halloween it doesn’t mean everything in the
magazine needs to be about zombies! Oh yes, we’ve reviewed The Raid,
Tekken Tag Tournament, Kotoko and a good bunch of manga too, along
with a delightfully extended look at the ninja in advance of the
forthcoming Ninja Scroll steelbook. But we couldn’t resist the lure
for too long, and had to get involved with Ultimate Zombie Feast and
Zombie Flesh Eaters – they proved too tasty to pass over!

So, roleplayers, in ZombiU you can be the one who slays the zombies
infesting our most beloved Buckingham Palace. But who knows? You might
even be the one to win the brand spanking new Wii U in honour of the
game’s release!

Available at WH Smith and all good newsagents from October 4th – don’t miss it!

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