SCE Japan Studio Released Teaser for Mysterious Panopticon Game

Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japan Studio has released a teaser trailer for a new project titled Panopticon. The video was released on the official PlayStation website after a counter climbed up to 1,000,000 years. More information about the game will be released on the website on the 21 May.

Very little is known about this title apart from the fact that PlayStation applied for a European trademark on Panopticon; the symbol (pictured right) was filed to include computer and video games, toys and playthings, and entertainment.

A panopticon originally comes from English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 1700s, and was a design for a prison that meant a watchman could monitor all the inmates from one position without their knowledge. Although an exact version of Bentham’s panopticon has ever been built, it has been said that some prisons were influenced by Bentham’s design. The word panopticon is derived from the Greek words “pan” and “optikon”, which together mean “all-seeing”.

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