Seven Seas American Publishers License Three New Manga

North American publisher Seven Seas Entertainment have confirmed with ANN that they will be licensing three manga titles: Kanokon, Zero’s Familiar and The Sacred Blacksmith.

Kanokon, created by Katsumi Nishino and Rin Yamaki, is a harem comedy manga. Seven Seas describe the synopsis as follows:

Innocent country boy Oyamada Kouta transfers to a big city high school in his freshman year, and from day one, his life enters a world of crazy. First, a beautiful second-year student named Chizuru professes her love to him, then reveals that she is in fact a fox spirit. Frisky and flirty, she suggestively teases naive Kouta in front of his classmates, embarrassing him to no end.

If that wasn’t enough, a gorgeous wolf spirit named Nozomu suddenly transfers to Kouta’s class and decides she wants the hapless country boy for herself. As fox girl and wolf girl vie for his heart, does Kouta have any say in this?

The nine volumes of the manga series will be released in four omnibus volumes. The first release, containing the first two volumes, will retail for $18.99.

Zero’s Familiar, created by Noboru Yamaguchi and Nana Mochizuki, is a fantasy manga. Seven Seas describe the synopsis as follows:

In a world where sorcery reigns supreme, bumbling witch-in-training Louise Francoise le Blanc is known by her classmates at the Tristain Academy of Magic as “Louise the Zero.” During an important coming-of-age ritual, when each student must summon a lifelong familiar, Louise proves herself inept when she mistakenly conjures a teenage boy from earth. Now, whether she likes it or not, Louise “the Zero” and Saito, the ever-whining earth boy from Japan, are bound by the laws of magic as master and servant forever!

The seven-volume manga will be released in three omnibus editions. The first omnibus edition, containing volumes 1-3, will retail for $19.99.

The Sacred Blacksmith, created by Isao Miura and Kotaro Yamada, is also a fantasy manga series. Seven Seas describe the synopsis as follows:

Like her father and grandfather before her, Cecily Campbell has entered the knighthood and joined the ranks of the Knight Guards of Houseman. Eager to do her heritage proud and defend her city, Cecily rushes to the marketplace to stop a madman from terrorizing the populace. She quickly realizes, however, that she is hopelessly outmatched and ill-prepared for an actual fight. A lone figure named Luke Ainsworth swoops to the rescue, a swordsman and blacksmith of much renown, who will repair the broken sword Cecily has inherited from her father and take her down a road of perilous adventure beyond her wildest dreams.

Seven Seas will release each volume with colour inserts for $12.99.

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