Sonisphere 2014: Best of the cosplay

A selection of the best cosplay (and some fancy dress) at Sonisphere 2014… 

Proving the old proverb: “Where there is rock, there are Mexican wrestlers.” 

Sonisphere 2014 Mexican wrestler cosplayWhy so serious? 

Sonisphere 2014 Joker why so serious cosplay

We like to think she’s cosplaying an early scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. 

Sonisphere 2014 Bride cosplay

When Bloodbowl met UK hair metal, the only possible result could be carnage. 

Sonisphere 2014 Bloodbowl 80s UK hair rock cosplay

We have a feeling this undead-looking umpire has lost some Bloodbowl players. 

Sonisphere 2014 Undead umpire cosplay

You’re saying I’m next

Sonisphere 2014 Youre Next cosplay

Batman may be AWOL but we reckon Supes can handle the Joker. 

Sonisphere 2014 Superman cosplay

If you’ve ever wondered what Zippy, Bungle, Big Bird, the Honey Monster et al get up to at a festival, here’s the answer.  

Sonisphere 2014 Zippie dead bungle tourettes t-shirt cosplay



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