Soul Sacrifice Vita Conference Trailer Released

A new trailer for the RPG Soul Sacrifice, which was previously shown at the PlayStation Vita conference, has been released. The video shows further footage of the game’s various monsters and environments. The game will be released in Japan on 7 March, in North America on 30 April, and in Europe on 1 May.

The protagonist of the game is slave of a cruel sorcerer, who is saved from sacrifice by a demon in the form of a book. This book allows the player to experience battles with monsters from the past, gaining experience and power as they go along. Players can use magic but it comes at a cost, which can range from objects like jewels to body parts. The player’s in-game counterpart will be permanently marked by each use of magic, and as they get more powerful, they lose their human appearance and begin to resemble, and eventually turn into, a monster. 

The game was developed by Japan Studios, an in-house developer of Sony Computer Entertainment.

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