Spyair compilation album Best hits Europe in January

Japanese pop-rock squad Spyair (AKA Ike on vocals; Momiken on bass; Uz on guitar and programming; and Kenta on drums) will release their compilation album ‘Best’ on CD and digital formats in the UK and Europe from 12 January 2015.

Best collates all 14 of Spyair’s massive hit singles so far, plus two brand new songs. It’s also the first time many of the songs have been available outside of Japan.

Since smashing on to the scene in 2010 with their debut single ‘LIAR’, which also became the theme song to Japanese TV school drama Hammer Session, Spyair have experienced a 10 top-40 singles in Japan and had many of their tracks become theme tunes in anime and film; including The Amazing Spider-Man, Bleach and Gintama.

Spyair were picked up by London’s JPU Records for European distribution, leading to the group’s YouTube channel being available outside of Japan for the first time. The official YouTube music videos to the songs included on Best have already racked up viewing figures upwards of 28 million.

Check out a teaser for the album below…

Best Tracklisting

GLORY (view music video)
Imagination (view music video)
JUST ONE LIFE (view music video)
Genjyou Destruction (view music video)
Niji (view music video)
Sakura Mitsutsuki (view music video)
WENDY ~It’s You~ (view music video)
Naked (view music video)
0 GAME (view music video)
My World
BEAUTIFUL DAYS (view music video)
(Samurai Heart) Some Like It Hot!! (view music video)
Japanication (view music video)
Last Moment (view music video)
Anokoro bokurawa onajimiraiwo

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