Anohana character designer Masayoshi Tanaka Does Live Drawing

The drawing tablet makers Wacom has released a new video in its “Drawing with Wacom” series, featuring the animator, illustrator and character designer Masayoshi Tanaka. In the video, Tanaka is using the Cintiq 24HD touch tablet.

Tanaka has worked on multiple anime series: he was the character designer for shows such as Anohana, Waiting in the Summer, Toradora! and Highschool of the Dead; a key animator on Eureka Seven, Bleach, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Naruto Shippunden and Mushi-Shi; and he is currently working as an illustrator for Raku Kusanagi’s Dead End Rhapsody light novel series.

A Certain Scientific Railgun Anime Gets Second Series

During a stage event at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival, it has been announced that a second series of A Certain Scientific Railgun, titled A Ceratin Scientific Railgun S, is under way. The A Certain Scientific Railgun anime series is based on the manga by Kazuma Kamachi and Motoi Fuyukawa, a spin-off of the original light novels A Certain Magical Index by Kazuma Kamachi and Kiyotaka Haimura. 

The story, cast and crew of the second series are yet to be announced, but it has been confirmed that these details will be revealed in the December issue of ASCII Media Works’ Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh magazine on 27 October.

The story of the manga and anime series is set in Academy City, a very technologically advanced city, where eighty percent of its 2.3 million residents are students. The focus of studies is directed towards esper powers. Misaka Mikoto is a top level 5 esper, who shares a room with Kuroko Shirai, a level 4 esper who is a member of Judgement, the law enforcement agency composed of students. Shirai’s Judgment partner is Kazari Uiharu, a level 1 esper; Uiharu’s best friend is Ruiko Saten, a level 0 esper. Together, the four encounter adventures and mysteries in the scientific town.