Interview with XTheDarkOne


Hey guys, it’s abridger interview time again. Today I’m chatting with the handsome face behind many of Yugioh GX Abridged’s most prominent characters, xthedarkone. We discuss the process of creating an average episode, the greatest experiences he’s ever had with fans at conventions, his advice for those who want to fllw in his footsteps and more.

Laura: Firstly, could you introduce yourself and give a short explanation of what you do for any readers who’ve not heard of you?

xthedarkone: Well my name is xthedarkone, and I’m an abridger. I Started doing Yugioh gx abridged when my friend shadyvox asked me to help write it when he attempted to do it himself however didn’t feel his first ep was very good. I found writing and voice acting so much fun that after shady asked if we could do the series togetherIi was more than willing. I now do amateur voice over work as well as my own abridged series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and one with MasakoX Rosario + vampire.

Laura: And was acting, voice acting or script writing something you’d ever considered before getting into Yugioh GX Abridged, or was that how you first got into it?

xthedarkone: Well I did a lot of writing before GX as I used to write fanfiction so I enjoyed writing long before I started abridging but yeah when I first started doing GX I found it a lot of fun to voice act and soon found a passion in it.

Laura: At what point did you realise GX Abridged was a successful series that you’d be sticking with? Was their a moment where it became clear?

xthedarkone: Well I was going to stick with GX despite how successful it became but i guess one of the first things that told me the series had become successful when people started doing fanart from the show.

Laura: What’s the process of creating a typical episode of GX Abridged like for you from start to finish?

xthedarkone: Well our style of creating episodes has evolved but our modern style we use now involves shady either coming round to my place or I will go to his, we get the episode in question and watch the entire thing first just collecting ideas then we go through the ep again and begin writing the script, knocking ideas back and forth. Once that is done I will go round to his to do the recording needed, we may still tweak the script here and there during recording. Once that it done it left to shady to mix and edit the ep together.

Laura: In what ways has your life changed since you started Abridging?

xthedarkone: My life has changed in almost every way since I started abridging, I’ve made soooo many new friends because of it. Abridging has changed my life thanks to all the taleted people who I’ve been able to meet and know from the gang of whachow to meeting littlekuriboh, masakox and Faulerro, three people I would definatly call my brothers. But the biggest and by the BEST thing that abridging has done for me was helping me meet the amazing girlfriend Lady_nanaki who I met thanks to a con I was invited to for abridging.

Laura: Have you ever had any weird experiences with fans?

xthedarkone: Once at a convention, masakox and I were hosting a quiz at a con and while they were totting up the answers masako and I had to ablib some comedy, then later on at our panel a fan approached us during q and a and told us that our time during the q and a seemed very scripted when it wasn’t at all

Laura: In contrast, have you ever had any particularly memorable positive fan experiences?

xthedarkone: tbh nearly all my expirences with fans have been positive but to name a few would be: a couple of years ago I attended a convention wthout being a guest and I went to the Yugioh cosplay photoshoot and as everyone had grouped up for a photo I asked everyone to look at the camara and say reaction shot, they didn’t really hear me until one of the cosplayers and my friend ExShadow a really talented cosplayer who along with Malindachan had been looking after me the whole con repeated what I had said one of the cosplayers too a good look at me and his face seemed to light up when he figured out who I was. Another great expirence was at an english convention last year when I was asked this very same question and we mentioned a girl who was a cancer patient who said that listening to GX abridged really helped her get through it all, and it turned out the girl in question was there AT THE PANEL so shady and I approached her and we hugged, at the same con I also met some fans who had travelled all the way from Berlin to see us

Laura: Do you have any advice for any aspiring voice actors or abridgers reading?

xthedarkone: Well for voice actors I would say find your own voice, a lot of people think the only way to be a good voice actor is to sound like a current famous VA when in fact directors are looking for NEW sounds a lot of the time, if they are looking for Dan Green they will try to hire Dan green. So Voice actors yeah learn how to express your emotions through your voice and find your own sound. As for Abridging I would say have fun with it and only do it IF you are interested in voice acting, writing or just entertaining. Not to try and get famous.

Laura: lastly, do you have any final words?

xthedarkone: butts, cheese, dalmations!