North America “Tokyo Jungle” Release

Though Tokyo Jungle seems an unlikely title to pass through the ‘net’ of which games travel to the west and which – sadly – die in Japan, the post-apocalyptic survival game set in futuristic Tokyo is due for a release in North America later this month. 

The game is set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, where humans have mysteriously disappeared   from the city. The player controls one of the dozens of animals that now roam wild Tokyo, which has become a ruthless city controlled by only the strongest beasts. Play as several different creatures, some of which are unlockable as you play through the game, to try to become ‘top dog’ in a city that truly has no rules. 

An unlikely competitor rises to challenge the champions


Tokyo Jungle is due to be released on PSN on September 25th and will be priced at $14.99. Watch the trailer for a bleak peek into the barbaric world of new Tokyo!

Article by K. Cooper