Spyair compilation album Best hits Europe in January

Japanese pop-rock squad Spyair (AKA Ike on vocals; Momiken on bass; Uz on guitar and programming; and Kenta on drums) will release their compilation album ‘Best’ on CD and digital formats in the UK and Europe from 12 January 2015. Continue reading

Anohana character designer Masayoshi Tanaka Does Live Drawing

The drawing tablet makers Wacom has released a new video in its “Drawing with Wacom” series, featuring the animator, illustrator and character designer Masayoshi Tanaka. In the video, Tanaka is using the Cintiq 24HD touch tablet.

Tanaka has worked on multiple anime series: he was the character designer for shows such as Anohana, Waiting in the Summer, Toradora! and Highschool of the Dead; a key animator on Eureka Seven, Bleach, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Naruto Shippunden and Mushi-Shi; and he is currently working as an illustrator for Raku Kusanagi’s Dead End Rhapsody light novel series.

Bleach Manga Will Have 5-Week Gap Before Finale

Tite Kubo has announced that he will be putting his Bleach manga series on hiatus for 5 weeks while he works on the manga’s “last battle.” The manga will return in the 41st issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on 9 September to finish the finale arc, which started last year.

The manga was launched in 2001; the 60th volume will be published in Japan next month, and the 57th volume was released in North America last month.

Devil Survivor 2 Anime Character Trailers Released

Production company Pony Canyon have released two new videos previewing the anime adaptation of the RPG, Devil Survivor 2: The Animation. The videos focus on characters Yamato Hotsuin (Junichi Suwabe – Bleach‘s Grimmjow, Black Butler‘s Undertaker) and Anguished One (Takahiro Sakurai – Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children‘s Cloud Strife, Code Geass‘ Suzaku Kururugi).

The story follows 13 “devil survivors”, who’ve cut deals with devils in order to gain special abilities to defeat unknown invaders, but there’s only seven days until a worldwide catastrophe.

The series is being directed by Seiji Kishi (Persona 4: The Animation), and Yoshimichi Hirai (Angel Beats!) is the assistant director at the studio Bridge. Devil Survivor 2: The Animation will premiere in Japan in April.

Watch Bleach and One Piece Creators Sketch Their Manga Characters

Viz Media have released two videos from the Jump Festa event of Bleach creator Tite Kubo and One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda sketching the main characters of their manga series, Ichigo and Luffy respectively. The videos were initially only available to Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha subscribers, as the videos are promoting the Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha digital magazine, but have now been released to the general public.

Both Bleach and One Piece are published in the Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha magazine, along with many other titles.

Treat Yourself for the New Year: Shiki and Bleach DVDs Out Now

Today, Manga Entertainment has released the second half of the horror anime series Shiki and Bleach series 9 in the UK.

Shiki is set in a remote Japanese village, in which the citizens begin dying off in alarming numbers, entire families are wiped out while others leave their homes. All hell breaks loose as the villagers discover their loved ones’ corpses are rising from the grave with an insatiable thirst for human blood. 

The series is directed by Tetsuro Amino (Broken Blade) and scripted by Kenji Sugihara (Yuruyuri) for the majority of its episodes.

Bleach series 9 contains episodes 168 to 189 of the series.