Karneval Anime Advert Previews Opening Song

The Japanese TV channel BS11 has aired a new advert for the anime adaptation of Touya Mikanagi’s Karneval manga, which is set for release in Japan on 3 April. The video features the anime’s opening song “Henai no Rondo” by GRANRODEO (Code:Breaker, Kuroko’s Basketball).

The original manga follows Nai, a boy who is searching for someone important to him with only a bracelet as a clue. He ends up meeting a pickpocket called Gareki. The two of them soon find themselves part of a setup; they manage to escape, but they become wanted criminals, hunted by military security operatives. When the two seem to have run out of options, they come into contact with the country’s most powerful defence organisation, Circus. The bracelet turns out to be a Circus ID, which grants special abilities to the owner.

Eiji Suganuma (Ninja CadetsSasameki Koto) will be directing the series at Manglobe (Deadman WonderlandHayate the Combat Butler: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You).