First Kotoura-san School Comedy Anime Preview

The music and animation production company Flying Dog, Inc have released the first preview of the anime adaptation of Enogizu’s Kotoura-san four-panel manga.

The trailer introduces the five main characters, and gives a short description of each one:

  • Haruka Kotoura (played by Hisako Kanemoto), a girl who can read people’s minds
  • Yoshihisa Manabe (Jun Fukushima), the boy completely enamoured with Kotoura
  • Yuriko Mifune (Kana Hanazawa), the school’s ESP club president 
  • Daichi Muroto (Hiro Shimono), the ESP club vice-president 
  • Hiyori Moritani (Yurika Kubo), the heir of her family’s dojo

The anime is a romantic comedy series about Haruka Kotoura, a girl who can read minds, and is persuaded by a classmate at her new school to join the ESP club. Masahiko Ohta (Minami-keYuruyuri) will be directing the series at AIC Classic’s studio. Takashi Aoshima is scripting the series, and Takaharu Okuma is the character designer and chief director of animation.

Kotoura-san is a free online manga series featured on Micro Magazine’s Manga Got a Chance website.