Psycho-Pass Anime Gets Second Series

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, President & CEO of Production I.G, has announced that a second series of Psycho-Pass is currently in production, with script development already underway. A screening event has also been announced, and will take place in select theatres in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo on 6 September; the event will show the entire 22-episode series, and will include an “important project announcement.”

The sci-fi anime series was originally released in Japan last October. Funimation streamed the series as it aired in Japan, and announced that it would be releasing the series on Blu-ray and DVD in spring 2014.

“Aria: The Scarlet Ammo” English Dub Cast Revealed

FUNimation has revealed the English dub cast list of Aria: The Scarlet Ammo just two months before the American DVD/Blu-ray combo release on 23 October 2012.

Originally a Japanese light novel series by Chūgaku Akamatsu, Aria: The Scarlet Ammo follows Kinji Tōyama, a second year student at Tokyo Butei High. At this school students undertake training in Butei, a national qualification that allows those who pass to use weapons to catch criminals. On his way to school, Kinji gets caught in a bombing and is saved by Aria H. Kanzaki, the most powerful S-Rank Butei student in Assault Studies.

ARIA Leah Clark
KINJI Todd Haberkorn
SHIRAYUKI Brina Palencia
SAYONAKI J. Michael Tatum
RIKO Luci Christian
MUTO Ricco Fajardo
SHIRANUI Chris Cason
JEANNE Colleen Clinkenbeard
DURANDAL Chuck Huber
REKI Jād Saxton