God Of War: Ascension Singleplayer Teaser and Demo Revealed

PlayStation and Sony Computer Entertainment have released a teaser trailer for the singleplayer mode of God Of War: Ascension. The story of this prequel is set six months after the last game, in which Kratos was tricked by Ares into killing his wife and child. Kratos broke his blood oath with Ares and was sentenced to an eternity chained in a prison for the living damned; now he will be tested as he seeks his freedom and vengeance. God of War: Ascension will be available on PlayStation 3 from March 12 (US), March 15 (UK).

Players can gain early access to the singleplayer demo by joining the Rise of The Warrior challenge and testing their God Of War knowledge for the chance to win in-game rewards and exclusive downloadable content.

PlayStation Network users in North or South America can also access an open beta for the game’s multiplayer mode.