Kill La Kill English-Subtitled Trailer

Aniplex USA has released a three-minute English-subtitled trailer for the battle action anime Kill La Kill. The trailer introduces the main cast, and features the opening theme song “Sirius” by Eir Aoi.

The anime is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and animated by Trigger. Aniplex previously announced that it had licensed the anime for home release; the company will also stream the series on Daisuki, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and the Aniplex Channel hours after it airs in Japan on 3 October.

The story is set in Honnouji Academy, a highschool where the student council president Satsuki Kiryuin oppresses and rules the student body by force. A wandering transfer student Ryuko Matoi, who wields a giant Basami scissors sword, is searching for the mysterious person who killed her father, and aims to defeat Satsuki. However, the “four divine kings” on campus stand in her way, and she must defeat them before she can face their president.