Attack on Titan Sand Sculpture Time-Lapse Video

Kodansha has released a time-lapse video of sand artist Toshihiko Hosaka creating an Attack on Titan sculpture on a beach at Enoshima. The amazing sculpture took 10 days to build, and was made with more than 80 tons of sand. Hosaka created the sculpture to celebrate the release of the manga’s 11th volume, which will be available in Japan on 9 August. Kodansha USA released the 5th volume of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga series in June, and the 6th volume will be available on 27 August (US) and 19 September (UK).

Code:Breaker Manga to End on 17 July

Kodansha will be publishing the final chapter of Akimine Kamijyo’s Code:Breaker manga in the 33rd issue of its Weekly Shonen Magazine on 17 July. The manga was launched back in 2008, and since then 25 compiled volumes have been published in Japan, with only the first two of these volumes currently available in English. An anime adaptation was also released last October.

The story follows Sakura Sakurakouji, who witnesses a boy murder a group of thugs with a strange blue fire. when she revisits the crime scene the next day, there is no evidence of the murder she saw accept a small fire. Then, at school, she is introduced to her new classmate, Rei – the same boy she saw burning those men alive.

Princess Resurrection Manga Will End in February

Yasunori Mitsunaga will finish the final arc of his Princess Resurrection horror comedy manga in the April issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine on 26 February. The manga entered its final arc in November, and the last 20th volume will be released in Japan on 9 April.

The first seven volumes of the series were released in North America by Del Ray, but it stopped publishing the series before Kodansha USA took over its titles. JManga has released these seven volumes on its website, with possible plans to release volumes previously unpublished in English.

A 26-episode anime adaptation of Princess Ressurection was released in 2007; the TV series was licensed by Sentai Filmworks, which released English-subbed version in 2010, and then a dubbed version in 2012.

Ghost In The Shell Arise Anime Slated for 2013

The February issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Young Magazine is announcing that the new Ghost in the Shell Arise anime will be released in 2013. Kazuchika Kise (key animator on Ghost in the Shell films) will be the chief director of the series, with Tow Ubukata (Mardock Scramble) as the series scriptwriter and Cornelius (Appleseed: Ex Machina) as the composer.

Kenji Kamiyama, the director of previous Ghost in the Shell series and films, has announced that he will not be involved in the new project.

Production I.G has launched an official website for the anime and released a full image of the main character Motoko Kusanagi.


Cage of Eden Manga Will End After Three More Chapters

Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine has revealed that Yoshinobu Yamada will be ending his Cage of Eden manga series (Eden no Ori) in only three more chapters. This means, If Yamada does not take a break, the series will end in the 8th issue of the Weekly Shonen on 23 January 2013.

The manga follows a boy named Akira and other survivors of a plane crash as they struggle to survive on the island they crashed on. Akira and the other survivors face many dangers, from the creatures on the island, to threats from within the group of survivors.

The manga was launched back in 2008 and is currently on its 20th volume in Japan and its 8th in America and the EU; the 9th volume will be released on 12 March 2013.

The Flowers of Evil First Key Visual and Staff Revealed

Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine has revealed the first piece of key visual art for the anime adaptation of Shuzo Oshimi’s Flowers of Evil manga. The staff working on the anime have also been announced. The anime is set to be released in spring 2013.

Hiroshi Nagahama (Mushi-Shi, Detroit Metal City) will be directing the series along with Tetsuo Hirakawa (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time), as the assistant director. Hidekazu Shimamura (Nodame Cantabile, Detroit Metal City) is in charge of the character design and Aki Itami (Mushi-Shi, Prince Mackaroo) is the series’ scriptwriter.

Other staff include:

  • Yoshihisa Oyama (Say “I love you”, Detroit Metal City): Director of Photography
  • Kazuya Tanaka (Prince Mackaroo, Mushi-Shi): Sound Director
  • Kentaro Akiyama (Penguin Drum): Art Director
  • Hiroko Umezaki (Basilisk): Colour Key
  • Daisuke Hiraki (Medaka Box; So, I Can’t Play H!): Editing

The story follows Takao Kasuga, a boy who, in a moment of weakness, steals the gym clothes of the girl he has a crush on, Nanako Saeki. Unfortunately, Nakamura Sawa, a girl with a sadistic streak, witnesses his crime. Takao doesn’t know whether to confess his crime or not, but he attempts to win over Nanako, while also trying to avoid being blackmailed by Nakamura.

Witchcraft Works Fantasy Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

The 25th issue of Kodansha’s good! Afternoon magazine has announced that an anime adaptation of Ryu Mizunagi’s Witchcraft Works manga has been green-lit. The fantasy manga started in 2010 and, at four volumes, is still ongoing.

The story follows Honoka Takamiya, a normal high-school student who sits next to Ayaka Kagar, the most popular student in the school who excels in all her classes. Every time Honoka tries to talk to Ayaka, her fan club end up beating him up. It is only when Honoka is saved from a collapsing building by Ayaka, that he realises she even paid attention to him; she is in fact a witch and tells Honoka that it is her mission to protect him from other witches at all costs.

“Fairy Tail” Artist Hiro Mashima adding a little fun to Twitter

Those who are followers of the star Hiro Mashima on his twitter feed will have had a pretty fun time recently, especially those Fairy Tail fans. Mashima has been adding several pieces of jaw-dropping artwork, including Naughty Nurse Lucy from Fairy Tail and Metal Gear Solid‘s Raiden, but now he’s taken the niche a whole step further.

There are always those fans who ask themselves the question “I love this character but what if she were a he?” What if? Indeed. Well Hiro Mashima has rolled up his sleeves and given his fans the genderbent Fairy Tail cast. 

Although Femme Natsu looks pretty, She’s no pushover when it comes to a fight.

For more gender swapped images and information about Fairy Tail, head to Hiro Mashima’s Twitter Feed

Article by K. Cooper