MCM Greets Podcast Partner Skip to the End

Movie podcast joins forces with MCM Comic Con.

Say hello to the sound of your next con, as the team behind Skip to the End has signed on as MCM Comic Con’s new podcast partner. Rather than spend ages telling you all about them, we thought it would be wise to let the people who talk professionally take over the chatter…

Skip To The End podcast team

“Skip to the End is a movie podcast hosted by Mark, Ben and Adam. The three of us have been friends for years and spend much of our free time discussing films and pop culture. Last August we decided to try putting our conversations on tape, and the Skip to the End podcast was born. In under six months we’ve been able to build a successful podcast, with each episode being downloaded by tens of thousands of listeners.

“The three of us are movie, TV, comics and gaming fanatics, so the MCM Comic Cons are like heaven to us. Part of our success can undoubtedly be credited to our relationship with MCM. Back in October we were lucky enough to be invited to the MCM London Comic Con, where we were able to soak up the atmosphere of the Con, attend some great panels and secure some fantastic interviews with the cast of Under The Dome and the cast and crew of the upcoming sci-fi film Monsters: Dark Continent.

“After the success of our London Comic Con podcast we were invited to attend the MCM Birmingham Comic Con in November. We had a superb time, getting to meet and interview some great people, including RJ Mitte – best known as Walter Jr. from Breaking Bad. The Birmingham Comic Con special we released has been our biggest yet, receiving almost a quarter of a million plays. Thanks to the success of our Comic Con podcast specials we are now the official podcast of the MCM Comic Con.

“We will be putting out podcasts from all of the major MCM Comic Cons around the UK and Ireland, and we’re already very excited for the flagship London Comic Con in May. We can’t wait to speak to geek goddess Felicia Day and we’re eager to see which other big names are announced for London and beyond. We’ve no doubt that the partnership between MCM and Skip to the End will only go from strength to strength in 2015. See you at the Cons!”

You can follow the team on Twitter and find all of the podcasts and regular pop culture features at the Skip to the End website.