Dawn Of Arcana Author Starts New Manga in September

Rei Toma, author of Dawn of the Arcana, is creating a new manga series; the announcement will be in the September issue of Shogakukan’s Monthly Cheese! magazine, and the manga itself will launch in the November issue on 24 September.

The announcement (pictured right) features character sketches, and the taglines read: “The protagonist is an abominable snowman!? What in the world is his ability…!?,” “The heroine is a tsundere (initially aloof and hostile, but later kind-hearted) woman!?, ” and “The setting is a normal high school you can find anywhere!??”

Toma also said a few words in the announcement, saying that because Dawn of the Arcana was a serious manga, she wanted to create something more cheerful, bright and fun to draw this time. Also, the new manga would probably be a love comedy.

More details will be revealed in the October issue of Cheese!