Brand New Neptunia Project Announced

During the “Neptune Re;Birth 1 x Fairy Fencer F Pre-Release! Compile Heart‘s Autumn Next Hyperdimension Galapagos Stage!!” event at the Tokyo Game Show last weekend, Compile Heart announced a new Neptunia project is underway. Compile Heart’s producer Naoko Mizuno, directors Ken Itō and Shingo Onodera, marketing staff member Kazuki Maruyama, voice actress Kanako Sakai, and Dengeki PlayStation’s Yutaka Tanaka hosted the event; however, it wasn’t until after the event had supposedly ended that Onodera returned to the stage for one final surprise. He was handed an envelope by Maruyama which contained a sign that read “the long-deferred new Neptunia work is in production!”

The completely new project is not related to the HyperGoddess Noir: Super God Black Heart PS Vita game starring the character Noire/Black Heart, or Re;Birth 2, the new PS Vita remake of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.