Interview with Megami33


The world of abridging on YouTube can be a tough one to follow. Copyright claims are often made against the use of footage, counter claims happen under fair use of copyright to get videos back up and the cycle eternally continues. So, what do you do after your first abridging channel is taken down for copyright? You pick a new series to abridge that’s older and less likely to run into issues, grab a group of friends and start the fantastic Sailor Moon Abridged. I was able to chat with one of the shows stars, Corinne Sudzy AKA Megami 33, to discuss how she got into abridging, her upcoming plans, her advice for first time abridgers and much more.

Laura: For any readers who don’t know you, could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?

Corinne: So yes my name is Corinne, but I go by on the interwebs as Megami33. I am what you call a jack of all trades parody artist, voice actress, singer, editor of lots of stuff, mostly known for SMA, which is Sailor Moon Abridged that I have created with a group of my friends. I also am known for voicing Bulma, Chaiotzu and Puar on TFS DBZA (Team Four Star Dragon Ball Z Abridged) as well as Sir Integra on Takahata’s new Hellsing abridged. I voice in many other abridges, parodies and such on the internet as well. :3

Laura: How did you first get involved in the world of online parodies? Where did you get the idea from?

Corinne: Well there have always been parodies online as far as I can remember the internet slowly coming into age, but starting my own stuff I was mostly inspired by LittleKuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh abridged. I love the humour, especially being a fan of the show myself. I love to make people laugh so I thought I’d give it a try. My first attempt was Pokémon on my account SUDZ33 which was taken down after three episodes. But my friends saw Little Kuriboh’s show as well and wanted to help me out with a show we all related to the most – Sailor Moon – and thus SMA was born. X3

Laura: And what’s the process of working on a typical episode of SMA like for you?

Corinne: Well my house had most of the equipment used for making the show which was really just a Mac and an internal mic! But later on I upgraded a bit. So yes, a typical way to start for us, we all gather at my place, chill out a little since we wanted to have fun with this and not making it work. We watch an episode together, commentary style as we go along while my friend KrisRix writes the ideas down and compiles it to a script format. After planning out the script, we record together in much of a style like how Japanese VA’s or animations sometimes record as we’re interacting with one another, then the rest of the work is up to me mixing it all. I used Garageband for most of it and edited on imovie/ Aftereffects. :3

Laura: How’s your life changed since you got into abridging?

Corinne: Oh wow… hmm… I guess it’s definitely made me come out of my shell a bit more. I was usually a workaholic, which I still kind of am, but I’d rather be alone to focus just on my stuff. I was into acting when I was younger as well but got bad cases of stage fright entering high school. After college and doing parodies more, I found I love acting again and it was easy to just be silly and do voices, especially when no one can see you. It definitely made me more sociable I feel as I made a lot of new friends, connections and even my boyfriend of two years now. And my creative processes, I definitely love working in groups. I feel you just get more ideas flowing in you when you work with others. It’s been an up and down experience but definitely good overall :3

Laura: Can you tell us anything about any of your upcoming plans that fans should be looking forward to?

Corinne: I like to say that I want to end SMA as soon as I can, but out of most people in my group I have a bit more free time and a lot of my members need to focus on their jobs a lot more, which in these days I can’t blame them. So eventually when things are better for certain members I may finish season two, but when I can’t be certain. But good news is I’m working on a new parody with another friend of mine Eilemonty, which is being worked on as we speak, but it’s a surprise. It should hopefully be out either late April or early May depending how things are. I also am working on a podcast with my boyfriend talking about movies, with episode three coming out soon. And of course you’ll hear in me in a lot of projects for new parodies, as well as new episodes of DBZA and Hellsing. :3

Laura: Have you ever had any weird experiences with fans?

Corinne: Oh tons! Well honestly it really is such a pleasure to know and meet people who are fans of my work and that they let me know it makes them happy. Again with abridging now being more polished these days with editing and such, it’s still nice that people enjoy the old stuff my group and I did and can see the whole point in why we started this. We had fun and you can tell we were having a blast with this even to the end. As for experiences, I may still have a few stalkers which is why I never go to cons alone either! I have met fans that were so happy to see me that they were crying, which I never expected. I definitely am still not used to getting so much praise; I sometimes get embarrassed or feel like I don’t deserve it as much as people say, but I am thankful that it makes them happy overall. :3

Laura: On the flip side, have you ever had any particularly memorable positive fan experiences?

Corinne: Like I said I really do enjoy hearing from many people how they enjoyed my work, that it’s helped them through hard times, even depression, that it made them try their hands at parodying or just something new they would never have considered before. Heck how it’s even helped them make friends, even lovers, just enjoying parodies together, which I think is quite crazy knowing that my crazy parody that I made with my friends in a basement could do that! I have gotten some lovely fan art and gifts as well even a whole 12 pack of Coca Cola one time, cause I do love the stuff! It’s cheesy, but knowing that I made them laugh and seeing them smile makes me just as happy as any gift could. :3

Laura: What advice do you have for any aspiring abridgers reading?

Corinne: Don’t be afraid to step out of your shell. You may think you want to make your own stuff, but get nervous when it’s not doing as well as you hoped or doubting yourself that people will like it. We are allowed to make mistakes and from them and critiques we can learn and get better at anything as long as we keep working at it. I’ve been practicing editing, singing and acting for about 7-8 years now all on my own learning things, asking for advice, critiques and I improve with each step. It may take longer for some, but don’t be afraid to create. Being creative means to have fun, not being afraid to express yourself, and entertaining others, especially in these times where sometimes a good laugh can brighten anyone’s day.

Laura: Lastly, do you have any final words?

Corinne: I hope you guys continue to enjoy my work as well as many others that are doing the same thing I’m doing. And if you want to join along, be my guest. There’s no abridger, artist or whatever that’s good or bad in my book, as long as you’re having fun in the process. Make sure to follow my twitter at: to look out for any news on my new parody show coming out soon as well as my many other projects! Best of luck to ya! :3