Unbreakable Machine-Doll Anime Green-lit

Media Factory has announced that an anime adaptation of Reiji Kaitou light novel series has been green-lit. The story follows a boy puppeteer named Raishin Akabane, who travels from Japan to England with his female automaton Yaya to study at the highest institution for Machinart (the craft of making automatons with a combination of magic and technology for military purposes). At the Academy, there is a combat tournament exclusive to the top 100 students, and their automata, to decide who shall be known as the greatest puppeteer; Raishin is determined to be the best and seek his revenge on the one he hates, with the help of Yaya, the Unbreakable Machine Doll.

Kaitou launched the manga series with illustrations by LLO (Oreshura) back in 2009; the ninth volume was released last September with the tenth coming out on 25 January.