Little Busters! Series Gets First Anime Ad

Based on the visual novel by Key, the upcoming anime Little Busters! has got its first TV advert. The advert is narrated by male protagonist Riki Naoe, voiced by the actress Yui Horie.

Key, an adult game brand of Visual Art’s, first released the romance adventure game for PCs in 2007 and it has since been brought out on Playstation 2, PSP and PS Vita. Many of the game’s original cast members will be reprising their roles in the anime; however, Horie will voice the character Riki and Sora Tokui will be taking over the role of Sasami Sasasegawa. Yuiko Tatsumi will be replacing Shiho Kawaragi for the role of Mio Nishizono, due to Kawaragi announcement last month that she is pregnant.

The anime series will begin on 6 October in Japan.