Soul Sacrifice RPG Trailer Released

PlayStation Japan has released a trailer for the PS Vita RPG Soul Sacrifice, the trailer was previously shown at the PlayStation Awards on 3 December. The video features gameplay footage of battle, which is described in the video as “intense magic battle action.” The game will be released in Japan on 7 March, in North America on 30 April, and in Europe on 1 May.

The protagonist of the game is slave of a cruel sorcerer, who is saved from sacrifice by a demon in the form of a book. This book allows the player to experience battles with monsters from the past, gaining experience and power as they go along. Players can use magic but it comes at a cost, which can range from objects like jewels to body parts. The player’s in-game counterpart will be permanently marked by each use of magic, and as they get more powerful, they lose their human appearance and begin to resemble, and eventually turn into, a monster. The game was developed by Japan Studios, an in-house developer of publisher Sony Computer Entertainment.