Hideo Azuma to Publish Disappearance Diary Manga Sequel

Manga creator Hideo Azuma is finally publishing the sequel to his award-winning Disappearance Diary manga after announcing a sequel eight years ago. Like its predecessor, Shissō Nikki 2: Al-Chū Byōtō (Disappearance Diary 2: The Ward for Alcoholics) is an autobiographical story; this volume follows Azuma when he is admitted to hospital for alcoholism, and depicts some of his encounters with doctors, other addicted patients and the caring yet strict nurses in the ward.

Like the first volume, Disappearance Diary 2: The Ward for Alcoholics features a discussion between Azuma and fellow manga creator Miki Tori at the end. The first Disappearance Diary was published in English in 2007. The manga won the grand prize at the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Awards in 2006, was a nominee at France’s Angouleme International Comics Festival in 2008 and was nominated for an Ignatz Award in 2009 (a first for a Japanese creator).

East Press will be publishing Disappearance Diary 2: The Ward for Alcoholics on 6 October.