Trailer: Ultra Street Fighter IV Unveiled

Capcom has released a first look at its new Street Fighter title, Ultra Street Fighter IV. Yoshinori Ono, the executive producer of the Street Fighter series, announced at EVO 2013 that this would likely be the final “base” instalment for Street Fighter IV before the new console generation.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available in two versions: a downloadable edition for players who already own Super Street Fighter IV ($14.99/£9.82 approx), and a disc edition with all the current DLC for Street Fighter IV ($39.99/ £26.20 approx). Capcom aims to release the game in early 2014.

This DLC update will include “five new characters, new battlegrounds, completely rebalanced gameplay based on fan feedback, brand new modes and features.” 

Four of the new characters were previously revealed by Capcom: