The Ultimate Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Superhero

Superheroes provide limitless opportunities for cosplayers – and for average folk, when they decide to let down their hair (and their guard!). Some are undoubtedly more popular than others, however.

Here we take a look at some of the characters most likely to get a bank manager sporting a cape, while offering some invaluable advice on how you can discover your very own comic book superhero!


Superman cosplay

Clark Kent’s alter ego is not only the original superhero; he is also one that has not lost his popularity since he first appeared in 1938. Men can’t get enough of dressing up like Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster’s most famous creation, not least because there are not that many opportunities in life to wear your pants on the outside of your clothes. 

Sadly, his quest for justice, truth and American perfection is not that easy to achieve but his costume certainly is. Even a monkey with a sewing machine could probably manage to create that trademark ‘S’ and dance shops are full of catsuits that can be altered slightly to fit. As for the cape, we recommend that you pick one up from your local fancy dress shop; this can then be teamed with a pair of pants and a yellow belt.



Spider-Man and Venom cosplay

The Spider-Man costume is another easy one to replicate if you get hold of a red all-in-one and a black marker pen. There’s something hugely liberating about hiding your face and identity as well, although it’s wise to remember that the law of the land still stands.

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Marvel masterpiece is as popular today as he was when he was introduced in 1962.

One of the greatest things about superheroes is that there are so many of them to choose from. You may stand out dressed as Spidey at the bus stop but you might want to pick something a little more unusual for a specialist event. Here are just a few ideas.



Wasp cosplay

If you have a liking for the Catwoman get-up but want something more original, how about copying the look of one of the original Avengers, Wasp. Use a black catsuit or Morphsuit, also known as a ‘Second Skin’, but add a few yellow stripes on the chest and you are well on the way.

This costume is undoubtedly a sexy option but it is also one that demonstrates a good degree of girl power. Wasp was right at the front of the 1960s feminist superhero movement, despite starting out as just Giant-Man’s bubbly wife.


The Flash

The Flash cosplay

There are plenty of men who like nothing better than to get their legs into a skin-tight suit and Flash provides another great opportunity to do just that. His costume looks great and is easy to re-create with a red leotard, tights, some yellow felt, a pair of scissors and glue. His name also provides endless opportunities for visual humour.


Do it yourself

Do It Yourself original cosplay characters

If none of these superheroes inspire you, there is always the possibility of creating your very own alter-ego by letting your imagination go wild. Try experimenting with contact lenses and make-up to change beyond all recognition, such as The Hulk or the characters from Avatar.

Start by creating a back story. It doesn’t really matter what this is as becoming your own super hero is more about what you can achieve than where you are from. Then, decide on your super power.

Next, pick an alter-ego. Choose your persona and your name. Pick a theme tune, create a costume, and even invent a catchphrase. Then it is time to enlist your arch-nemesis – your very own Lex Luther or Joker. This person can put your skills to the test – or just make you look better in your costume, whichever you choose.

Now it is time to embark on your own super adventure, free of everyday worries and stress. Cast off your cares as you cast off your jeans and become the hero you have always been inside.

Who is your inner comic book superhero?