Noboru Yamaguchi Will Not Be Resuming The Familiar of Zero Light Novels Next Year

Light novel author Noboru Yamaguchi will not be able to continue writing The Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima) series early next year as he had promised, due to his re-admittance to hospital for another surgery. He wrote a message on Twitter promising he would continue writing when he returned to full health no matter what, and apologised to fans for the wait. He also thanked everyone for their words of encouragement.

Yamaguchi had previously struggled with cancer that had, at first, seemed inoperable; in an unrelated gallstone surgery, the tumour was found to have shrunk, and he reported in August that the surgery to remove it had occurred without incident. 

The Familiar of Zero series began back in 2004, and Yamaguchi had planned to end the final arc of the light novels this year before his cancer diagnosis and subsequent operation. The light novels inspired multiple anime adaptations, the fourth and final of which, The Familiar of Zero F, was released in January this year.

“Fairy Tail” Artist Hiro Mashima adding a little fun to Twitter

Those who are followers of the star Hiro Mashima on his twitter feed will have had a pretty fun time recently, especially those Fairy Tail fans. Mashima has been adding several pieces of jaw-dropping artwork, including Naughty Nurse Lucy from Fairy Tail and Metal Gear Solid‘s Raiden, but now he’s taken the niche a whole step further.

There are always those fans who ask themselves the question “I love this character but what if she were a he?” What if? Indeed. Well Hiro Mashima has rolled up his sleeves and given his fans the genderbent Fairy Tail cast. 

Although Femme Natsu looks pretty, She’s no pushover when it comes to a fight.

For more gender swapped images and information about Fairy Tail, head to Hiro Mashima’s Twitter Feed

Article by K. Cooper