“Wild Adapter” Manga Will Resume in Spring 2013

After going into hiatus and ceasing work on her manga in late 2010 due to surgery, Kazuya Minekura (Saiyuki) will be able to continue her Wild Adapter manga in spring next year.

The manga follows Makoto Kubota, a 17-year-old ex-Yakuza member, who takes in a boy with amnesia called Minoru Tokito. Minoru was exposed to a drug called “W.A.” and his right arm was transformed into that of a beast. Makoto and Minoru investigate the drug and try to uncover Minoru’s past.

The Wild Adapter manga was licensed by Toykopop in 2006 for North America; after publishing six volumes, the company closed its North American publishing division. 

The manga has two anime OVAs from 2002, which were never released in America and a new Wild Adapter OVA was announced earlier this year in the May issue of Monthly Comic Zero Sum magazine.

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