Witchcraft Works Fantasy Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

The 25th issue of Kodansha’s good! Afternoon magazine has announced that an anime adaptation of Ryu Mizunagi’s Witchcraft Works manga has been green-lit. The fantasy manga started in 2010 and, at four volumes, is still ongoing.

The story follows Honoka Takamiya, a normal high-school student who sits next to Ayaka Kagar, the most popular student in the school who excels in all her classes. Every time Honoka tries to talk to Ayaka, her fan club end up beating him up. It is only when Honoka is saved from a collapsing building by Ayaka, that he realises she even paid attention to him; she is in fact a witch and tells Honoka that it is her mission to protect him from other witches at all costs.

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